Our Main Project

A Fine Romance

Angèle Thijs

Jazz Singer


Double Bass


A Fine Romance, Asparagus and Melon Voices, A&J

A Fine Romance

Eine Stimme. Ein Kontrabass. Pure swing, pure energy, a fine romance.

Angèle Thijs (voc) & Jürg Freudiger (b)


angele.thijs@gmx.ch     juerg@freudiger.ch

Asparagus & Melon Voices

Chorleitung, Fanny Anderegg



A & J

Nur eine Stimme und die akustische Bassgitarre.           A&J. Intim. stimmungsvoll, einmalig.

Angèle Thijs (voc) & Jürg Freudiger (b)


angele.thijs@gmx.ch          juerg@freudiger.ch

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Our mission

To be musically creative, to discover new ways of expression and to indulge in improvisation, that's what we are committed to, that's what we stand for.

Why choose us

Because we bring our energy and our joy of playing over to you!